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SmartyPits Deodorant l Lavender & Rose

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Lavender Rose scent is a perfect blend of lavender and geranium rose essential oils, creating a soft, feminine scent that isn't overly sweet but has a rich, full floral fragrance.

Your sweat is naturally odorless. But odor causing bacteria living on your skin thrives on that sweat and metabolizes it, leading to smelly underarms.

By studying the biological causes of body odor, we've developed a formulation that attacks the root cause on three levels:
  • A blend of vegetable based powders and oils help to absorb & wick away wetness, separating it from your skin with a moisturizing barrier
  • Mineral ingredients like baking soda neutralize the environment where the odor-causing bacteria thrives
  • Prebiotics (plant-based food for good bacteria) contribute to the biodiversity & strength of your skin microbiome
The result is all-day odor control with just one application.

The SmartyPits giveback program both donates money to breast cancer research and free deodorant to programs supporting cancer warriors and survivors.