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Bogg Bag | Burgundy (Baby & Large) - Southern Grace Shoppe
Bogg Bag | Burgundy (Baby & Large) - Southern Grace Shoppe

Bogg Bag | Burgundy (Baby & Large)

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The Baby Bogg Bag measures 15" x 13" x 5.25" It's washable, durable, stylish, customizable, and perfect for your next adventure! The tip-proof, ribbed bottom helps keep your Baby Bogg® Bag upright and ready to use.  Each Baby Bogg® Bag comes with one clear insert bag with 2 white buttons on the back that snaps into the holes, anywhere inside or outside the bag, to keep smaller items in reach. The small insert bag measures 5" x 7" x .25" when flat but can open up to accommodate approximately 1.5 inches.  Suggested uses for the small insert: smaller cell phone, change, credit/store cards, id, chapstick.

The Original Bogg® Bag measures 19" x 15" x 9.5" Each Original Bogg® Bag comes with a set of two clear insert bags.  The set contains one large insert bag with 3 white buttons across the back and one small insert bag with 2 white buttons across the back.  Simply snap the buttons on the back of the insert bags into any free hole on the Bogg Bag (inside or outside) to keep smaller items in reach.